Tuesday, January 08, 2013

✿ first things first ✿

Since this is a new outlet for me, I feel an explanatory post is in order. Nobody really knows anything about me that isn't written in the sidebar, so this is the one post that will give you an actual breakdown of my life thus far.

I was born in California in August of 1988 to a sailor and his wife. They had a pretty unstable relationship that came to an end when I was 18 months of age. Of course, my mother was granted custody and she whisked me off to Florida where I would spend the majority of my life up until now.

I have moved around a lot since then. I have lived in North Carolina, Wisconsin, Guam, and currently Pennsylvania. I don't think I have ever stayed in one house for more than three consecutive years, to be honest.

My mother has since remarried twice. The first time, she was with the father of my sister and brother. It lasted for 13 years and remains the darkest part of my past. In 2007, she married her current husband after living with him for two years. They are extremely incompatible and I have no idea why they remain married other than the fact that he, like all three of her husbands before him, was a sailor and she obtains benefits through him. He's a pretty big asshole too.

As you read in the previous paragraph, I have two half siblings. I helped raise them until I was 16, which was when the divorce between their father and our mother took place. They have grown up, but I still consider them babies.

I love cats. I have five currently and have had countless cats in the past. My cats (from oldest to youngest) are Arthur, Simba, Phoebe, Mollie, and Sadie. The last two are from the same litter. I'm the kind of crazy cat lady who considers her cats her children. All of them have very unique personalities and are a huge part of my life.

I got married on July 12, 2012. My husband works for an oil filtration company that is new and revolutionary. He takes great pride in his job and I take great pride in being the woman behind the scenes that keeps him healthy and happy. Oddly enough, I met him online in 2009. We didn't start e-dating until 2010 and then didn't meet until 2011. He's been my rock ever since, sticking by me in most all of my decisions. Including my decision to stop working.

I have a mental illness. Is it severe? Sometimes. I was diagnosed with PTSD after a particularly violent childhood. Most of the time, I'm just your normal, everyday girl with an unhealthy obsession with creepypasta and just pasta in general. Occasionally, I lose my shit and dissociate with reality. I will write my personal accounts from the events of my childhood in this blog, so if detailed posts about rape or physical violence is triggering for you, please be aware that you may encounter them here and keep an eye out for the warnings I will give at the beginning of those particular posts.

I am in love with creepypasta and may share some of my favorites here. Scary stories have been a guilty pleasure of mine since I was a really young girl. I believe my first horror film was Stephen King's IT. Ever since Pennywise scared the bejeesus out of me, I have been craving more. However, scary things that happen to me are not fun to me. I do believe in the paranormal and will probably share my own OC here. Take it as if it were just another creepypasta post and do not flame me if it's shitty.

Constructive criticism is a wonderful thing, however I dislike blatant rudeness. If you do decide to make a suggestion to help me better my life, my writing, or anything, please refrain from being insulting. I'm not interested in being harped on via the internet.

I love piercings and tattoos. I identify as pansexual and do not tolerate ignorance or hate of any kind. I enjoy spicy food. I love crazy hair colors. I am not a religious. I hate politics. I am me.

That is all I have for this post. Feel free to bookmark me if you are interested and stay up-to-date with my life. Or don't. I can assure you that everything that I will post is 100% real, unless it says so somewhere in my post.

Until next time...

✿ Alice

Saturday, January 05, 2013

✿ why hello there ✿

New to blogspot, spent a while on LJ and all of my friends seemingly vanished during a long hiatus while I found the man of my dreams and married him. I just needed somewhere new to journal. If I get views, yay! If I don't get views, yay! It's just a pre-selected template and some words for now, but in time, it will be so much more. :]